Fluid Power Zone

Power Endurance HIIT Training

HIIT Training presents challenges for small studios and big gyms alike such as

  • The learning curve to perform the movements properly and safely
  • Adjusting the intensity/load for the individual user’s ability
  • The risk of injury and/or prolonged recovery times due to the physiological response to ballistic movements that involve momentum and an eccentric load
  • Limited real estate in the facility

Fluid Power Zone machines are truly unique in that

  • The are “get on and go” for all shapes and sizes
  • Fluid resistance responds to the input of the user, not the other way around, so they accommodate ALL users and ALL abilities
  • There is NO momentum – you can’t out-accelerate the resistance
  • There is NO sticking points and there is NO biomechanical failure due to muscular fatigue whereby the user would compromise form to “muscle” their way through reps with bad form as they might with a free weight OR fai to complete the movement
  • Recovery times and muscle damage are dramatically reduced with concentric only loading; you are at peak power every single rep, finishing thoroughly spent but energized and ready to go again the next day
  • Fluid Power Zone pieces move easily on their own rollers and require no power source

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