Apollo Athletics Power Sand Bags

Our power sandbag uses a new design which is for durable usage.
The cover is PVC for super durable and nice touch soft.
The best part about the bags is the fact that they come pre-filled, which means not having to deal with complicated bladders, filling systems, and the actual process of filling them! The exclusion of a leak bladder also absolves you of having to worry about leaking sand over time. These sandbags were constructed to bear the brunt of being picked up, set down, and even tossed around!

Both Home and Commercial Usage- can be used indoors or outdoors- not water proof

Weights and dimensions:

Item weight Size
IR7204-5KG 11 LB 22″L  x  9 “H
IR7204-10KG 22 LB 22″L  x  9 “H
IR7204-15KG 33 LB 22″L  x  9 “H
IR7204-20KG 44 LB 22″L  x  9 “H
IR7204-25KG 55 LB 22″L  x  9 “H
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