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HumanSport is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Seven cable based machines with dual weight stacks provide a complete range of workouts for total body training. When paired with the provided programming designed by our Master Instructors, HumanSport makes a powerful addition to any facility.


  • Multiple lower extremity anterior training including hip stabilization and flexion, knee extension and resisted dorsiflexion of the ankle
  • Numerous lower extremity posterior training including hip stabilization and hip extension, knee flexion and knee extension
  • Single leg motions can be combined and performed with high, moderate or no outside stabilization to facilitate balance and core training
  • Unique anterior foot harness accommodates users of all sizes
  • Unique posterior foot harness allows users to turn the body sideways and perform hip abduction and adduction
  • Raised platform and stabilization handles provide ideal positioning for hip, knee and ankle exercises

W: 39 in (99 cm)
L: 64 in (163 cm)
H: 65 in (165 cm)
STACK WEIGHT: 2x 88 lbs (2x 40kg)
OVERALL WEIGHT: 691 lbs (314 kg)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 772 lbs (350 kg)