Octane RO

One of the most popular traditional exercise machines, the Airdyne bike is ideal for users of different fitness levels, for steady-state and HIIT workouts and warm-ups and cooldowns. Its breakthrough fan technology and single-state belt drive have been precisely refined for greater challenge and customized intensity for today’s exercisers.

And the new Octane Rō™ refines the overall indoor rowing experience with thoughtful features, such as combined fan and magnetic brake resistance, a quick-release foot strap and a MultiGrip handlebar. Beginners to athletes can take on a broad range of intensity levels for low-impact, total-body easy sessions or all-out efforts.

Dual Resistance
With combined fan and magnetic brake resistance, the Octane Rō provides a broader range of intensity levels to facilitate easy warm-ups to all-out HIIT intervals, and everything in between. Beginners to athletes can benefit from this progressive resistance that offers continuous challenge to inspire powerful performance and yield results.
Quick-Release Foot Strap
Finally! A hassle-free method of getting onto and off of the rower. This patent-pending design enables exercisers to quickly insert their feet and pull up on the handle for a secure fit. To exit, they simply push the button to release the strap. It’s just that easy.
MultiGrip Handlebar
Once again, Octane has taken a standard component and enhanced it to deliver a superior experience. By design, the MultiGrip handlebar provides a several natural hand positions so users enjoy greater comfort and can better engage the chest, back and arm muscles. Plus, with the MultiGrip handlebar, exercisers can adopt a kayaking or canoeing motion for greater workout variety.
Enhanced Console
Backlit for easy readability, the oversized, 7-inch LCD console features a dynamic calorie meter that simultaneously shows exercisers their best and current efforts as encouragement to continue striving throughout their regimen. Real-time performance metrics, including strokes per minute, watts, distance, time, calories and heart rate, also fuel motivation.
  • Dual resistance – fan and magnetic brake
  • Quick-release foot strap
  • Max 14 Interval workout
  • MultiGrip handlebar
  • Enhanced console with calorie meter
  • Comfort seat
  • Oversized handlebar catch
  • Self-powered
  • Small footprint
  • Easy storage
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