The Abs Company Battle Rope ST®

Two great training methods in one awesome system! This unique system combines Body Weight Strength Training and Battle Rope training in ONE fun, engaging and effective workout! Perform Standing Oscillations, Chest Fly, Knee Ins, Slams, Hi Rows and more. The BRST handles are 6lbs. each so we were able to cut the length of the rope in HALF! You only need 10′ from the attachment point allowing you to train effectively in half the space. This is the same great rope that is included in the BRST SYSTEM but without the mounting brackets. Upgrade to the BattleRope ST® System for a complete upper and lower body training system. *Mounting brackets not included

  • 6 lb. handles
  • 10′ rope
  • 1.25 inch static nylon braided rope
  • Strength and Cardio Workout
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