Woodway Curve FTG Treadmill

The Curve FTG combines the cardio of our Curve Trainer with 20 levels of resistance for an all-in-one superior workout solution. Designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique, the patent pending handrails allow for bio-mechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance.

Built at a minimum 130-degree angle the FTG was designed to reduce stress on the achilles – minimizing the chance of injury.



Resistance levels start off minimally and increase at a gradual pace – gradual increase is shown to generate longer runs at higher speeds. To further enhance the user experience WOODWAY has given the Curve FTG ProSmart capabilities. User customization will allow you to train with the support of pre-programed workouts, periodization, and biofeedback.


STRIDELAB is the only native gait analysis software on any treadmill. STRIDELAB allows a user to gain immediate feedback on running mechanics – helping to practice proper gait and running mechanics for better workouts and better health

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