Woodway Curve Treadmill

Incorporate a new dimension into your training with the patented WOODWAY Curve. The completely self-powered, manual WOODWAY Curve Treadmill offers a one-of-a-kind workout experience that requires zero electricity.

Feel the freedom of this totally manual treadmill while running or walking on the unique curved running surface where you are the motor. The Curve Treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.



The Woodway Slat Belt system is near friction-less allowing the belt to glide smoothly. Combine that with an innovative curved running surface and suddenly users are able to control their pace at will. To speed up, simply start running, to slow down, allow yourself to drift back down the curve.


The Curve is the solution for rehabilitation, high speed, HIIT, group training and weight loss. High intensity intervals are made easy when there are no buttons for increasing and decreasing speed; also making for quick transitions during group training.

Rehabilitation facilities use the Curve for improving running form and posture, learning to walk/run after trauma and increasing posterior muscle activation.


Sought after by professional sports teams and athletes around the world, the Curve Treadmill delivers an unparalleled workout unlike any other treadmill.

  • Users are not subject to ramp up/down speeds
  • Attain full sprint in a few explosive steps
  • Sport specific work-to-rest interval training
  • No max speed


Woodway’s Curve, goal-based, Responsive Training programs set your workout targets based on your current efforts. Using a unique Fatigue Index, each program adapts as you do, making every single workout the perfect challenge.

  • Customized workout no matter the fitness level
  • Custom workout builder allows you to design your own responsive training workout
  • Train with friends or in a small group, with Responsive Partner workouts designed to store session speed targets for each user


Back-end website for club management and end user. Clubs can assess need for service, do preemptive maintenance, and monitor treadmill usage over time. End user can collect workout information, analyze in visual formats and export to 3rd party fitness apps.



Those looking to track and compare user statistics can upgrade to the Curve 1.5 model.

  • Displays and tracks time, speed, distance, work/calories and heart rate
  • Creates unique user logins for tracking of performance statistics and measuring improvement
  • Generate excel or pdf reports


For researchers seeking to perform gait analysis, the Curve 3.0 adds dynamic force plates and pacer software. The system is fully programmable and can be saved and recalled. This permits development of very specific continuous and interval training protocols while measuring left and right foot strike and overall power production.

  • Includes all functions of Curve 1.5 software
  • Allows you to program and repeat specific protocols
  • Pacer function allows motivation racing against past performances or other users
  • Trial endpoints can be set for time, distance, speed or work
  • Measurement of distance, velocity and vertical force, work done and power output
  • Instant feedback during training and testing
  • Comprehensive graphs and reports; all test results can be imported/exported
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